10-11 October, 2018
11th International Conference on Telecommunications,
Telemetry, Information Technologies
and Broadcasting Equipment - “TurkmenTEL 2018”

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Venue: Conference Hall of the Chamber of Commerce
and Industry of Turkmenistan


Conferences and Sponsorships: Terms & Conditions

A. Participants shall be bound by the conditions, rules and regulations set forthin this agreement and any changes must be made in writing and signed byan authorised official of ITE Group plc, (hereinafter referred to as ITE) who shall have full power to interpret and to make or amend these rules,provided that such amendments and additions do not operate to diminish therights reserved for the Participants under this contract, and shall not operate toincrease liabilities of its Sponsors, Agents or Employees.

B. No Participant shall be permitted to attend unless he has paid prior to theconference all of the fees agreed to on the reverse side.

C. Participants are expected to comply with any building regulations and any andall Government rules and regulations.

D. Rights of a Participant shall not be assignable to any other firm or person.

E. Phonographs, radios or other sound devices operated in a mannerobjectionable to the Conference Committee shall be prohibited.

F. Participant shall not permit raffles, donations or other promotional measuresthat require members or guests to be present at a specified location andtime, and all unusual promotional plans must be approved by the ConferenceCommittee.

G. Attendance hours shall be controlled solely by the Conference Committee,who will specify hours etc., and admission shall be by ticket or badge, andidentification badges shall not be transferable.

H. The Conference committee, Sponsors, ITE, its Employees or Agents arenot responsible for any loss, theft or damage by fire or injury of any natureto any person or article. Reputable watchmen will be on duty day and night,but the Conference Committee, while taking precautions against loss, will notguarantee against it and it is hereby expressly released from any liabilities forinjury or damage there from. The Participant is urged to adequately insuretheir property, other equipment for which they are responsible and personaleffects.

I. The Publisher of the Catalogue, the Conference Committee, Sponsors, ITE,its Agents or Employees will not be responsible for any errors or omissions oncopy prepared and submitted by the Advertiser or Participant.

J. The signature of the Application and its receipt by ITE is deemed conclusiveevidence of the Applicant's agreement to pay the full fees due from thatmoment. Should a Participant wish to cancel attendance, notice must bereceived in writing from the Participant concerned. If applicable, ITE willretain the deposit sum paid by the Participant. Note that any registration,sponsorship, administration and insurance fees are non-refundable.Where a Participant wishes to cancel within 3 months of an Event takingplace, the Participant will remain liable for the full value whether or not theParticipant actually participates in the event.

K. The Conference Committee, Sponsors, ITE, its Agents or Employees shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from acts of war, civilcommotion, strikes or lockouts intervention or regulation, military activity orany other circumstances which shall make it impossible or inadvisable forthe Conference Committee to hold the Conference at the time and placeprovided, and the Conference Committee reserves the right to re-schedulethe event at another date and/or at an alternative site. Furthermore, ITE will not be responsible and will be held harmless should any conflicts ormisinterpretations arise with the host county, its sponsors, agents or otherbodies regarding any and all aspects of the Conference which may affect theParticipants. The said Participant acknowledges that ITE have sustaineddamages and losses as a result of the foregoing, as well, and shall and doeshereby waive all claims for damages or compensation. The sums paid ITE as fees or otherwise in connection with the Conference shall remain theproperty of ITE.

L. The Conference Committee, Sponsors, ITE, its Agents or Employees arenot responsible to assist the Participant in obtaining passport and visa, forentrance into the country where the event is to be held. The fact that theParticipant is unsuccessful in obtaining these documents from the necessarygovernment authorities will not constitute a basis for cancellation of thiscontract/application and it is clearly understood that no refunds whatsoever willbe made. The Participant, however, may substitute another party or companywho meets the entry and government formalities necessary for entry into thecountry where the event is to be held. Such substitution shall be the soleresponsibility of the contracting Participant.

M. The Conference Committee, Sponsors, ITE, its Agents or Employees arenot responsible for any loss, damage or delay incurred in freight shipments(transport, handling and clearing) into and out of the country in which theEvent is held. Participants are urged to adequately insure all shipments.

N. The Conference Committee, Sponsors, ITE, its Agents or Employees are notresponsible for any loss due to cancellation, abandonment, postponement orcurtailment in whole or in part of the Conference for causes outside its control.Participant is recommended to adequately insure their participation expensesin case of such cancellation etc.

O. Participant expressly acknowledges that no representations - whether oral orin writing - expressed or implied - have been made concerning the amount ofbusiness to be gained from the conference, its success or that ITE, or any oftheir subsidiaries or affiliates, employees or other entities allied with them havemade any guarantees or assurances concerning the conference. Participantfurther acknowledges that this document constitutes the entire agreement andthe binding rules and regulations existing between the parties, and that he hasbeen given no oral change or modification. No one is authorised to make anyoral changes in this agreement.

P. This agreement shall be governed by and construed according to English law.Any dispute between the parties under this Agreement hereby submit to thejurisdiction of the English Courts.