3-4 October, 2017
11th International Conference on Telecommunications,
Telemetry, Information Technologies
and Broadcasting Equipment - “TurkmenTel 2017”

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Venue: Conference Hall of the Chamber of Commerce
and Industry of Turkmenistan

Market overview and insights

Turkmenistan Telecommunication Sector

After Turkmenistan gained its independence, a drastic modernisation of the country’s communications industries took place. The Government of Turkmenistan is focusing its efforts on thorough and comprehensive modernisation of the country’s telecommunication networks, rapid development of terrestrial and satellite television and radio services, information technologies and legal and regulation reforms in the ICT sector.

The national policy is aimed at a concentrated integration of independent Turkmenistan to the highly developed global community and to further expand and diversify its economy. Therefore, the World's leading ICT companies take part in implementation of large-scale projects on brining communications system of Turkmenistan in compliance with international standards. 
Satellite Systems

On the 28th of April, 2015 Turkmenistan launched its first national communications satellite “Turkmen Alem 52 E”, which is a decisive step for Turkmen specialists towards the space industry. The satellite is placed at 52 degrees east longitude; has 38 active Ku band transponders and 3 beams, Vostochniy, Zapadniy and MENA. The satellite covers more than 100 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and North Africa. The satellite’s position allows Turkmenistan to act as a transit broadcasting country for Europe and Asia.

The national communication satellite was built by the French company Thales Alenia Space and was launched aboard by SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 launch vehicle. The state company “Turkmen Hemrasy” carries out the satellite’s communication services.

The high bandwidth of satellite communication channels will make it possible to broadcast dozens of television channels, both standard and high-definition. The satellite’s capacity can provide for VSAT networks, including transfer of data between ground stations located at a distance of several thousand kilometres from each other, providing broadband satellite internet, distance learning, telemedicine, various video conferencing, as well as other types of communication services.

The Government of Turkmenistan is determined to develop its space industry, which will open great opportunities for further improvement of the telecommunications infrastructure and plans to construct and implement the second satellite in the next few years.

Telephone Communications

The Ministry of Communication of Turkmenistan focussing on ensuring opportunities for diversifying routing for international telephone traffic and data communications. In the recent years State Telecommunications Company Turkmentelekom in cooperation with foreign partners, has installed high-speed fibre-optic lines and has upgraded most of the country's telephone exchanges and switching centres with new digital technology. Since the new fibre optic lines being in operation, Turkmenistan is open to all interested parties and operators on creating transit channels to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Afghanistan and attracting investments to further modernization of fibre optic networks.

The Ministry of Communication is completing its works on national telephone networks to replace outdated analogue automatic telephone systems with digital ones, to modernise and develop existing systems, and to fulfil modern automatic telephone systems requirements. In the country’s telecommunication network over 700 telephone stations are currently operating, of which over 90% are digital.

Mobile network services in Turkmenistan are available through the stateā€run cellular communication company Altyn Asyr, the Ashgabat city telephone network, and the commercial company MTS Turkmenistan. Altyn Asyr provides 3G and 4G LTE services.

Constant works are being carried out in order to improve the quality and increase the range of services of cellular communication, as well as to expand the coverage area to include an increasing number of sparsely populated areas in the country.
Internet and Information Technologies

The number of internet users has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Today more than 2 million people are using internet services in Turkmenistan. Wi-Fi services are provided in places of public recreation, hotels and shopping centres. In order to ensure high-speed internet connection, the Ministry of Communication of Turkmenistan expands outside channels of connection.

The latest information technologies are used to enhance the postal services in the country and integration in the global postal network.

The latest softwares are implemented in the development of modern cashless payment systems.
The Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan is also actively working on switching to IP technology.

V Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) 2017

In December 2009, Ashgabat was chosen to host the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. In order to provide all kinds of telecommunication services during the games, the Ministry of Communication has developed a number of project aimed to improve mobile communication, internet and IP television.

Ongoing works aimed to provide high quality mobile services on the territory of the Olympic village, operation of IPTV networks and Wi-Fi equipment to ensure wireless internet access in hotels, parks, shopping and entertainment centres.


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